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Intro to the Art of Baby Wearing

Trying to decide if you’ll want to use a sling or wrap, or which of the dozens of types out there would be best for you?

Come learn from a professional about the myriad of popular options for baby-wearing, from the Ergo and Maya Wrap to pouches, rebozos, ring slings, and Mei Tais; get a chance to try them on with experienced guidance; and learn some of the lesser-known benefits along the way (including healthy spine development and preventing “flat-head” syndrome). read more

Carrying babies in-arms (and carrying carseats on one arm) day after day often leads to stress injuries and chronic back and shoulder pain. For centuries, though, and still today, people have worn their babies tied to them with a simple piece of cloth to keep the baby close to their heart and still attend to the normal activities of daily life.

Many parents have found negative consequences to the physical separation of the shift to strollers and carseats, as well as the hassels and physiological pains of porting around these heavy and bulky contraptions. As a consequence, many parents in our culture have again returned to the ergonomic, practical, and bonding benefits of wearing their babies.

This workshop is good in pregnancy (you’ll be needing that first carrier in the first weeks with your newborn!) as well as new parents looking for relief! It is also great for those who already have a carrier but are having trouble using it successfully, or who are ready to changes styles as baby grows. If you have a carrior, bring it and your baby to get some assistance.

As an added benefit to this workshop, participants will also receive discount offers for carriers they may purchase through one of a few local resellers.


$20 |per adult

$30|per couple (2 caregivers of same baby)

*Advance Registration is Required


Serena Weingrod

Age Range

Good for prenatal parents or those with babies.

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Advance Registration is Required

1 Spot = 1 Mom or Couple

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If you have a carrier you’d like help with, bring it. If your baby has already been born, you may bring him/her and anything else you and your baby need.




Attendance Policy

Since we keep small class sizes and reserve your spot, we cannot offer credits or refunds for classes canceled with less than 1 week notice.